Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A Charm for a Cure

A few months ago, a local fellow Etsian approached me about doing a necklace for SMA.  Kim Jakum of Metalmorphis asked me to design a necklace that I thought captured SMA.  I mulled ideas over the holidays, and we were finally able to meet last month.  Not only did she take my idea and turn it into the fabulous charm listed in her shop, she brought me a whole goody bag of fancies to use in clip making - it was like Christmas all over again!

Kim recently won third place in a metalcrafting contest for one of her beautiful, creative, exclusive designs.  The amazing jewelry in her shop is not only made of the highest quality materials, it's made with a superior knowledge of the craft.  I'm a huge fan of personalized items, and she has those in abundance.  Would you like to have some of your child's artwork immortalized in a necklace?  She can do that.  How about your baby's footprints?  Yup, that too.  Perhaps you'd like your kiddo's fingerprint around your neck?  Kim is successful at transforming bits of your life into wearable art.

Obviously I'm biased, but my favorite is the "Lucy's Fight to Cure SMA" necklace (with the wearable artwork a close second - seriously, how cool is that idea!)  I wanted something that would present the true essence of a person with SMA - the big heart, the bright mind, the fight they possess.  These kids (and adults) are all over the world.  And they are truly a gift from God.  How could they not be, when they all bring people together for the greater good?

I'm very proud of what we've come up with, and I want to say a sincere thank you to Kim, for making such a beautiful piece to represent our fight.  And, true to form, it's completely customizable, with your choice of birthstone in the heart, and a name and birthdate inscription available on the back.  What puts this all over the top is that with each necklace sold, $15 is donated to the Gwendolyn Strong Foundation for cure-based research - can't get much better than that!  So head over to her shop to get your order in!