Saturday, September 3, 2011

Anniversary #4!

Thank goodness for Facebook reminding me our anniversary was coming up last week!  Our day-to-day lives are so busy, those things creep up before you know what's happening.  Four whole years of being married to a wonderful man who I'm blessed enough to be able to call my husband.

On our anniversary, we saw each other for about half an hour, total.  No special date, no private romantic dinner.  No problem.  With our lives being the way they are, I don't expect - or miss - those things.  Really.  We made a choice when we became parents, to put our child first in all things, and for us, eschewing traditional anniversary celebrations falls right in line with that.

What did we do on our anniversary, you ask?  Lucy and I spend the day (part of a long weekend, actually) at her grandparents' house while Noah worked diligently on our house - specifically, our bedrooms.  Yes, plural.  Lucy is well on her way to getting a bedroom worthy of Lucy-habitation.  Since we had problems with our roof this spring and summer, there was some water damage done to the ceilings in both bedrooms, and that had to be addressed.  Thankfully, it wasn't major damage; nothing a can of sealant and some spackle didn't fix.  And fresh paint, of course, in fun new colors :)

That is my anniversary present: another room to inhabit during winter isolation.  Up from one, this is going to be like a luxury suite for us!  Better than any diamonds or dinners could ever be.  We get downstairs as much as we can, but if Noah is sick or around someone sick at work, we try to stay away from him.  Unfortunately, since there is no shortage of sick people in the winter, we spend quite a bit of time upstairs, keeping Lucy as far away from the germs as possible.  And now we have two rooms to do that in!

So happy anniversary to my wonderful, hardworking husband.  I won't say tireless, because he is very often tired, yet he works hard anyway.  He works to give Lucy everything he can, and to keep a smile on her face.  He works to relieve my stress and make my life enjoyable.  He is amazing, he is ours, and I look forward to spending the rest of my life with him.  I love you Noah.