Monday, June 30, 2014

Links for Lucy and Moving Forward!

Wow, it's been too long since our last post!  Since it's summer, we're cramming in activities and trying to spend as much time as we can out and about - even if that just means a little trip to our favorite diner:

Or a stop at the park to check out the fountain...

...and see the goats :)

We're also excited that Music in the Park has started!

Some songs are just too good not to dance to :)

And we're getting to church on Sundays, now that Lucy's sleep schedule has her more awake in the mornings :)
Our church has a great children's sermon!

Of course, we can't get out and do these things without Daddy, so we do some fun things at home, too.  We had a baking day recently, and we read stories, and since school is out now (Lucy graduated 4K)...

...there is time in the afternoon to play on the iPad:

And we play family games:

With all the activity, there always has to be time for a nap...

...or two :)

By far, though, the most exciting thing happening is Lucy's addition!  It is finally underway, and that is because of the extreme generosity shown to our family by so many.  The fundraisers, the donations of goods, services, time and money, and the prayers from you all have gotten us to where we are.  The loan we have had to take out to fund the addition rings in at a bit over $97,000, and all-told so far, we've raised about $30,000.  Some of that money went to purchase the lot next door, and the rest will be going toward construction costs.

Our most recent event, the second year of Links for Lucy, was so much fun!  We had another nice day for our golfers this year, so they spent the afternoon on the course:

and when they came in from the links, we had a hot dinner and raffle fun waiting for them.

We had tables full of the good stuff!

Any way you look at it, the event was a success!  Lucy was a trooper, hanging out all day (nevermind that she was on her bipap in the AC, watching movies ;) ), and everyone had fun.  Plus, we ended up raising $4,777.85 for Lucy's addition fund!  Thanks to the incredible generosity of so many, we have been able to start construction of the addition.

Thank you to this year's Links for Lucy donors:

Hole Sponsors - 

Rick and Pat Miller of Culver's
Noah's fun Charter billing managers - 
Charter Communications (3 holes total)
Valle Construction
Tecre Co, Inc.
Luedtke Lumber
Jeff Kuhnz and Paul Krasin
Theresa Mutual Insurance
Stage Me to Sell
Jeff Schultz Family
Hellen Cook
Jadon's Hope Foundation
Eldorado Trailer Sales
Maury Family Dental
Prairie Medical Products
Steger Concrete and Masonry

And we wouldn't have had an event to put on without the kind people that came out, to golf, have dinner, and buy some tickets for the raffles.  We were also so thankful for all the wonderful prizes that were donated for the dozens of raffle baskets.  There were so many goodies there, in addition to some spectacular larger prizes!  In addition, we want to say a special thank you to Jamie Steger, Jennifer Steger, and Marcia Betz for helping Lauri Betz pull the event together the day of.  We are blessed to know some truly big-hearted people!

We may do a fundraiser or two over the summer, or we may not.  Summer is such a busy time for us, as you saw above :)  For now, we are happily listening to the whir of machines outside our windows and watching each step come together, getting us closer to the reality of Lucy's life being completely changed!

Lucy, starting the dig.  Thank you all!