Thursday, November 21, 2013

Culver's Fundraiser Success!

Back in October, we had a night of fundraising at all three of our local Culver's locations.  For people who don't know what a Culver's is, they are the home of the Butterburger, delicious frozen custard, and the most amazing cheesecurds ever to grace this Earth.  No joke.

Rick and Pat Miller generously hooked us up with all three locations.  They promoted all over the place, got us radio spots, and set it up so that we could have family and friends help out at each location, bringing out food and answering questions from the customers.  They also allowed us to have donation cans out at each restaurant for the whole week.

We were told by the restaurant managers that it was their most successful fundraiser to date!  Lucy received a portion of sales, and the donations from the canisters, which ended up totaling a $2,200 donation!  What a blessing, and another step closer to Lucy's addition!

We are so grateful to Rick and Pat, the managers at each of the Culver's locations, and our wonderful friends and family, for volunteering and working together to make this fundraiser so successful!  We are so grateful, and we'll never be able to express just how much we appreciate this.

Our family with Rick Miller - and yes, our house is full-on Christmas.  Don't hate.

We are so happy that we are getting closer every day to Lucy's addition.  There are a couple of fundraisers going on right now, including a Partylite candle sale.  We are hoping to get another public fundraiser set up soon with another local restaurant, so stay tuned!  It is so amazing to open my email to find messages from people wanting to reach out and help us.

It's important that we stay on track with the fundraising, and in line with our hopes to start the addition late next spring.  Lucy is at an age where she is deciding she doesn't need naps in the afternoon anymore.  The problem with that is that her body still needs that rest.  She has been having some issues in the evening, when she starts to get tired, that make it hard for her to get her bath.  If she's too tired, she can't manage her secretions as easily, and it's more work for her to breathe.  She has had to have a few table baths, which are not ideal for her, and we've had to rush her to her room and her bipap on a few occasions as well.  We are looking forward to the day when we will have the option to do the bathtub when she can tolerate it, but have the choice of a shower with a supportive shower chair, for when she needs the extra help!

Thank you all, once again, for your prayers and support!  We will get there!