Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Lucy's Rummage Sale!

This was the result of months of the Munson clan using their own homes for rummage sale storage.  This was the result of our wonderful Church of Peace employee Norberto coming in on his day off to open the church and help us set up.  This was the result of almost 6 hours of unloading and organizing.  This was the result of the generosity of so, so many, both with donations and time!

And after a full day of selling, with the vast majority of items priced at a quarter, this was the financial result:

Eight hundred eighty-six dollars!

There were some outright donations as well as the purchases, and a lemonade stand in the afternoon :)  The deals... OH, the deals!

It was definitely a "dig and hunt" sale - which is my very favorite kind!  The lovely ladies who busted their butts setting this shindig up got first dibs, and there were some fantastic finds!  Remember that for next year, when we're looking for volunteers ;)  I found a load of goodies, both that night and the next day during the sale.  Since it'd be pretty unseemly of me to "buy" things at a rummage sale benefiting our family, my $25 payment will be made to the Gwendolyn Strong Foundation.

This fat stack of cash has been deposited in our savings for the addition, and will really help take a chunk out of the unexpected tub expenditure.  We're also in the process of applying for a grant from a wonderful SMA organization, Unite 4 Peyton, to help cover a portion of the tub.  

A sweet pin that my father-in-law snagged for me from the sale :)

Things always work out the way they do for a reason; the man making Lucy's tub is so kind, and the tub is going to be phenomenal, besides being just perfect for Lucy.  The rest of the addition is going to be just the same.

We've also started discussions with Make-a-Wish for Lucy's wish: a backyard makeover, with a waterfall water feature, concrete walkway, and pergola seating area.  We contacted Backyard Waterscapes, and Dwayne came out to our house to check out the area.  He said he already has some ideas!  It's going to turn our yard into a special oasis for our girl - one that she will be able to enjoy throughout the years to come.  Please pray that Make-a-Wish completes the project the way we have envisioned it!

And we're really excited about all the steam this ALS ice bucket fundraiser train has gained!  ALS is extraordinarily similar to SMA, so we understand the urgency of research.  Here are our videos :)

In closing, I will leave you with a bunch of random Lucy photos that an app on my phone decided to import back into my photo album yesterday!

Hoping that inside of a month or so, we'll be able to share our completed addition with you all!  Thank you so much for your thoughts, prayers, and donations - you are changing Lucy's life!