Saturday, July 14, 2012

Birthday Number 3!

After Lucy's second birthday snuck up on me last year, I vowed that I would allow myself more time to plan something this year that involved more than a cake and some crepe paper.  There never ends up being enough time to do everything I'd like, but the surroundings were a bit more festive this year :)  Of course, with Lucy's Sesame Street obsession, there was really only one choice for theme.

I made some of my own decorations...

...and bought some.  Easy peasy!

 True to form, Lucy was awake early and a bit cranky by the time we got there - so a bipap break was needed.

 And as soon as people started arriving, she took a nap - she was not happy when she woke up!

This year's cake was courtesy of Dairy Queen, so that Lucy could taste as much of it as possible.  

 It cheered her up a bit :)

We yanked on a pinata, and opened presents.

 Lucy got to see Mateo, a little boy from our town that also has SMA!  Mateo is a Mickey Mouse fan, so he boycotted the party by sleeping for most of it.

 And Lucy got to see some of her very favorite friends :)

 And after everyone left, Lucy and her cousin Sawyer had some one-on-one time.

Lucy's a bit more mature than Sawyer.

And now she has a new pile of toys, clothes and DVDs to amuse herself with :)

Thank you to everyone who wished Lucy a happy birthday, and thanks to all who were able to celebrate with us.  Every birthday is a milestone for a child with SMA - a miracle, really - and though we've settle into the fact that it is our everyday normal, every day with Lucy is something to be celebrated.  Every day is a victory in the face of the doctors who told us "no."  Our choice to fight for (and alongside) our daughter is rewarded with her beautiful smiles and her unique personality, which shines brighter each day.  These hours, days, and every birthday that passes brings us closer to the cure - the ultimate birthday present for any kid with SMA!

If you wish to help that gift along, please visit The Gwendolyn Strong Foundation and make a birthday donation - so that no families have to wonder if their SMA child will see another birthday.


Amy Medina said...

I love the pic and comment about Mateo! The little stinker knows what he likes and he wasn't seeing it at the party so he closed his eyes :) Lucy didn't get to him fast enough to yell at him to stay awake. Glad our kids have summer birthdays so we are able to celebrate with one another!

Taylor said...

happy belated birthday lucy! :)

Jessica said...

Wishing Lucy a happy, happy birthday and a wonderful year of being three!!