Friday, July 5, 2013

Independence Day!

SMA means that Lucy doesn't have a lot of independence, but that didn't stop her from celebrating our country's!  Last year, the weather was miserably hot - so much so that even healthy kids were staying home. This year, though, the weather was gorgeous, and we just had to take full advantage!

We started the day with a parade.  What's the 4th of July without a parade?  Lucy had a pretty good view of the band, the fire trucks, and the beauty queens.

She had a crafty shirt this year, thanks to Pinterest ;)

The louder, the better!

We headed up the hill about halfway through, to hit up the brat fry before the crowds came.  That parade lasted an hour and a half!  Lucy was bored by the time we left, so it worked out.  She chatted with Grandpa while we chowed down.

Grandpa's mustache is fun :)

We did some quick shopping for fireworks, then headed home for Lucy to rest in the AC.  Big evening coming up!  She didn't nap, and didn't nap - and then, about an hour before we were going to leave, decided to fall asleep.  Fortunately, she woke up in a pleasant mood, and we were off!

Outfit change - guess where we're going!

Last year, we attempted the fireworks, but by the time we got to our spot, Lucy was pale, lethargic and sweaty, so we packed up and headed home.  This year, there was a good breeze to keep the mosquitoes away, and temperatures were delightful.  We set up shop early, ate dinner, and broke out the entertainment:

Sparklers!  Lucy is a pyro :)

Lucy LOVES sparklers, and the ones we got were veritable flamethrowers, so she was entranced.  After each one burned out, she yelled for the next.  Fortunately, we had a box of close to 100, so we had enough for our firebug, and to be able to share with the kids all around us.  A little extra smoke to help keep those buggies away! ;)

We burned holes in our blanket and the top of our cooler, but Lucy was happy.

The night went on; it got darker, Lucy got sleepier.  At close to 10pm, the first fireworks shot up, and Lucy smiled.  She grinned through all of the fireworks, and loved the loud, flashy ones (while the girl Lucy's age in front of us screamed and wailed.)  We were close enough to see the ground show well this year, and Lucy loved it!  She loved it all.  Our town put on a wonderful show!

They're starting!

Ground show

Lucy grinning in the dark :)

After they were done, we paid the price for being so close: sitting in traffic for close to 45 minutes, as everyone fled the park.  Lucy was sleepy, but in a good mood, so we chatted about the fireworks and sang along with the radio to pass the time.  When we finally got home, it was bedtime for Lucy!

All in all, an idyllic holiday - and we don't even have a single mosquito bite!  Let's hope that next year the weather cooperates like it did this year!