Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Ways You Can Help!

Hello all!  We've had a few new fundraisers pop up, so I thought I'd put them all in one place for easy access :)  This way, if you feel so inclined, you can choose which one best suits your needs!

First we have a Thirty-One bags party going for Lucy.  This runs until August 27, so if you're in the market, get your order in!  They have totes, thermal bags, storage bags, organizing bags... if you need a bag, they have it!  And you can personalize, too :)  Plus, it's a mystery hostess party, so everyone who purchases has the chance to win the hostess spot, and be eligible for all the deals that brings your way!

Then there is an auction for baby items from Mommie to Be, and that closes August 25.  Lots of cute gift ideas for whoever is expecting in your life!

We also have a party that just started for Pink Zebra scented gifts!  I was reading through all of the scents and started drooling :)  That party runs through September 2.

You can mark your calendars for October 8 - put away your dishes and let Culver's get you dinner!  There will be a fundraiser for Lucy at all three Culver's locations that night, from 5pm-7pm.  I will let you know more of the details the closer it gets.

We have a date set for the next Links for Lucy event, at The Golf Club at Camelot in Lomira, so put down June 7, and we'll see you there!  We are hoping that this event will be the last one, after fundraising over the winter and spring, and that we will then have enough to either start the building outright, or enough to be able to take out a loan for the rest.

I also still have magnets available for $5 each, free shipping.  You can email me at bzahn84@charter.net to place your order!

I think that's everything we have going right now.  We are contemplating a pool tournament in February, and thinking about something for around the holidays - maybe if I have enough time, I will get to work on some of the fabulous craft ideas I've been pinning, and offer some of them for sale!

Thank you all so, so much for caring about Lucy.  For reading the blog.  For spreading the word about her, and for helping us change her little world.  We took her to the last Monday music in the park last night, and the Whiskey River Band was playing.  She LOVES their style of music!  And one of the guitar players was kind enough to give a little shout-out to her and Mateo, dedicating a song to them!  Of course when we left, she got to say goodbye to the front row; the people there always smile and wave and say goodbye to her, and she just beams at them.  Thank you for helping to make her the happy little girl that she is :)