Saturday, February 2, 2013

Winter Goings-On

Hello all!  Sorry that there haven't been many posts lately, but since the arrival of Bert, we have been kept very busy :)  My husband tried to tell me, but I just wouldn't listen - a puppy is a lot of work!  Lucy isn't too keen on sharing the attention, but Bert is very lovable - and protective!  << See how there. - and I know she won't be able to hold out long ;)

Winter means lockdown - no visitors, no going anywhere... in short, major cabin fever!  Fortunately, it wasn't too frigid today, so we busted out (to the backyard.)  Lucy is a daredevil - loves spinning fast, rolling fast, sliding fast.  Sledding is no exception!  We bundled her up and saddled up Daddy, to take her on a tour of the backyard after this newest snowfall.

She loved it!  She grinned the entire time she was being pulled.  There was one spot where the lawn dipped, and so the sled tilted a bit - and my heart stopped.  Not Lucy's though!  She just grinned and hooted for more :)

And yes, she is wearing mittens on her feet, because her feet don't fit properly in boots - and frankly, we don't take her outside often in the winter, and this was very impromptu.

Lucy has also been enjoying classroom circle time, thanks to the wonders of the internet.  She gets to Skype with a classroom of kiddos her age!  Funnily enough, Lucy doesn't know when to be quiet, and has had to be reprimanded by her teacher for vocalizing out of turn.  I had been putting off disciplining this behavior, because I don't want to discourage her "talking," but it looks like we're going to need to set some boundaries!  Lucy loves her friends, and there are a few that are quite charmed by her ;)

School in pajamas!

Also, I've closed down the Couture to Cure SMA hair clip shop on Etsy for the time being.  I found that there just isn't enough time for me to keep up with getting orders shipped in a timely manner, and to keep new merchandise in the shop.  It's actually been a huge relief to take a break, and while I'm sad that I'm not able to raise money for research right now, I'm able to spend more down time with my family, which is a big blessing.

Thank you all for keeping tabs on Lucy!  I will try to make sure I keep the updates more frequent - we definitely appreciate your support and prayers, and we want to show our gratitude!  (In the form of Lucy and Bert pictures, of course ;))


dany said...

hi! I just came across your blog after some googling & have been inspired by your story. my daughter, ruby, was diagnosed with sma in february. from reading your posts, i think you are near me, in Milwaukee, too.(?) I hope you & Lucy are doing well!