Monday, December 31, 2012

Resolution to Remember

Been feeling kind of out of whack for a while now, and Lucy's not been terribly into anything I've been trying to do with her.  Bert's been a little puppy demon, sucking up all free time and teething on our hands.  Nothing that's a real problem, just little things to make one feel unsettled. 

Last night I cracked open my Bible for the first time in a few months.  I do well reading regularly for awhile, then, slowly, other things start to creep in and take up that time, and all of the sudden I haven't read it in weeks.  Anyway, opened it and read some last night, and then again this morning.

And you know what?  Lucy and I had the BEST day today!  We woke up early, and she got her nap done early (and she fell asleep right away and woke up cheerful, which is definitely a rarity!)  I got out some crafty stuff to work on decorations for New Year's Eve, and she was all smiles and laughter, and totally into participating.  Bert was a model citizen, with no accidents in the house, and he stayed curled up underneath us or next to us for most of the day.  Today was what I imagine every day will be like when I go to be the night before.  Before I wake up late, before Lucy wakes up late, before Bert pees on the floor, before Lucy hums with her eyes closed through every activity I present to her.

This is no coincidence.  This is my life, if I choose to remember to put God first.  I'm not saying that will make every second sunshine and roses - that's just not what life is.  But I fully believe - I know - that every time I remember to give some time to God, my life is more positive.  Things fall into place.  Attitudes are better.  It may be that Lucy is cheerful.  It may be that Bert is behaving.  And it may be that my attitude is better when I look out at the chaos that is my life, because my heart is in the right place.

I'm hoping that in the new year, I will remember this more often than not.  After all God has done and continues to do for our family, He deserves to have my love, respect, and devotion.