Sunday, December 2, 2012

The Puppy has Landed!

This weekend we went to get Lucy's puppy!  He arrived early in the morning, so I woke Lucy up and took her downstairs to greet him.  She was less than thrilled (Lucy likes to wake up on her own watch.)  After some puppy snuggles, though, she warmed up to him :)

He's nice and all, but could we shoot for an hour later, next time?

We talked to Lucy about names, and she was particularly fond of Baxter at first.  Over the month, she decided she liked that one less, so we threw out some other names, and she decided she liked Bert.  As in Bert and Ernie, from her all-time favorite show, Sesame Street.  When Noah went to pick Bert up, they asked him if he had a name picked out, and he told them Lucy's choice.  They said it was perfect; the parents of our Bert were named Bert and Ernie!  So he's actually Bert Jr.  When I heard that, I knew that we had picked the best puppy for Lucy :)

He was very nervous at first, and squeaked a lot as he tried to decide if we were going to toss him around or put him in an ugly sweater.

We did the sweater.
Bert was calm all day, slept and snuggled Lucy a lot.  He preferred to have his face as close to Lucy's as possible.  He does not like to be alone, at all, or even far away from us.  Toward the evening Bert decided that doggy was not going to be our main dinner course, so he became a little more playful.  He likes nibbling and licking Lucy's fingers, which she also enjoys, as long as Bert knows when to quit.  He already seems protective of her - when Noah does her chest PT, Bert gets to Lucy as fast as he can and puts his head on Noah's hand, to stop him from "hitting" Lucy.  He got used to her suctioning very fast too, and can now sleep through it.
Lucy likes being greeted by Bert in the morning.  We are crate training him, and he's not too thrilled about that.  We are getting a little less sleep than we normally do - Noah least of all.  We decided that Noah would do nighttime puppy duty, and I would stay with Lucy while we were in the transition phase.  Lucy heard Bert barking and crying a few times, and was not at all appreciative of her slumber being disturbed (gee, Lucy, you don't like being woken up in the middle of the night?), but I managed to calm her down fast.  Potty training is also in beginning stages.  Bert likes to make use of his outdoor time by playing - not pooping.  I am very grateful we have wood floors!  
It's a little hard having our family dynamic changed - before, we focused any and all attention on Lucy.  Now, one of us has to be constantly watching Bert as well, because he's fond of chewing and defecating.  Not unlike an infant, only he can wander off into a corner and do it secretly.  I know, though, that we chose the right dog for Lucy, and Bert will fit right in :)
   Mah puppeh!



Church of Peace Thursday Greetings said...

This whole blog made me smile. Can't wait to meet Bert.