Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Puppy Love

We have been talking about getting Lucy a puppy for quite awhile.  Since she turned two, probably.  We thought we could start researching it then, and by the time she was older, we would know what dog to get her, and that she would be able to appreciate it a little more. 

I did my research on and off, and had narrowed it down to a breed I thought sounded the best suited to our lifestyle, and to be a companion for her.  The problem was that these dogs were upwards of $1,000, and were rare breeds only available in certain areas of the country - and nowhere close to us. 

On the website for these dogs, though, I noticed that the breeders handled another breed of dogs - Coton de Tulears.  I looked them up and found that they had many of the qualities we were looking for; they have hair, not fur, so they are hypo-allergenic, they are calm, gentle, friendly, highly trainable, and are great companion dogs.  Still had the same problem, though - they were over a thousand dollars, and a bit farther away than we could travel.  I put it to rest.

On and off, I looked at puppies as Lucy got older.  I always came back to these Cotons, but everywhere I could find them, they were just too expensive.  As I was searching through the local classifieds online late one night, I saw a small white puppy, called a Havaton (a cross between the Havanese and Coton de Tulear) - for much less than $1,000!  AND the breeder was less than an hour from our house.  Bingo!

We contacted them and found they were going to have a litter of pure Cotons available at the end of November, so we set up a day to go visit them.

Well, hello!
We headed to Mueller's Woodville Kennels today to check out their litter of puppies.  Four furballs were brought in for our inspection.  Two were squeaky, one was rambunctious - and then there was this guy.  Quiet, still, calm.  I picked him up, and he didn't clamor to get out of my hands like the others did.  Just quietly, calmly stared at Lucy.  
So fuzzy!
The whole time I held him, he was calm.  I put him down to see how he interacted with the others, and he was calm.  No yipping, just a little sniffing around.  We found our match.
At the very end, he was a bit more sprightly; hopping around and getting his head stuck in the baby gate.  That's good, because he's going to need to be a bit of a clown to entertain Lucy.  She was all about the yippy ones - yippy puppies are her favorite ;)

We have to wait another month, as they are too young to leave their mother yet.  But he's marked as ours.  I can't wait to officially add another member to our family.  I'm hoping he's the perfect match for our Lucy.  Stay tuned - in a month we will have a formal introduction!


Victoria Strong said...

Oh my gosh, how did I miss this. And OH MY GOSH, I am so excited for Lucy. I can't wait to see video of Lucy and her puppy. And I can't wait to know what she decides to name him. What a joyful Christmas you all are going to have with a new puppy getting in the packages :)

Sue O'Neill (Casey and Colin's Mom) said...

How exciting for you all! A Christmas puppy!

Elenora Coward said...

The best way to teach kids about responsibility is by getting or giving them a pet. Cotons are a good choice because this breed is highly trainable, affectionate, and playful. He’ll surely compatible with your kid’s energy. So, is he already in your care now? How’s everything?

-Elenora Coward