Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Campaign to Change Lucy's Life!

As you know, the house next to ours was destroyed by a fire.  The man who was renovating it bulldozed it, and has decided to sell the property.  This gives us the opportunity to purchase the land and expand our lot, along with building out on our first story, to make our house more adapted to life with Lucy.  We could put in a handicap bathroom, and bedrooms for Lucy and ourselves so we can continue to be near each other, but not have to carry her up and down our stairs every day.

Please take the time to read the site I've set up on Gofundme.  We are hoping to do additional fundraisers this summer, but we wanted to start by just asking for help.  We absolutely understand if you cannot afford to donate; we ask that you please consider sharing our request, so that someone who can might see it, and we also ask that you pray for God to bless this endeavor.

Now please, go help us spread the word!

Also, some pictures:

Who is at my feet?

Lucy was being very sassy the other day, and this is what she
did when I asked her to smile for a picture.  Nice, huh?

We got out in the yard yesterday to start cleaning it up.  Bert
enjoyed romping so much, he decided to bring some of the 
yard in with him.