Saturday, April 6, 2013

Eyegaze in the house!

The Tobii eyegaze was dropped off at our house yesterday, for a month-long trial.  Lucy has to use this time to practice with the device, and learn how to use it to communicate.  We need to document her use and provide data to her speech therapist, so she can submit it to our insurance.  Hopefully Lucy will show them she can use it appropriately, and it will be approved, because she deserves to have a voice.

Tonight was her first go at it since she trialed it late last fall.  There were only a few boards on it, so she was messing around, and found a button she liked :)

I uploaded a longer version of that to Youtube, but it wouldn't upload here.  It's basically more of the same :)  If you want to view it, click here.

Prayers would be appreciated - ask for our stubborn little miss will cooperate this month, and show those bigwigs at the insurance that she can use this device!