Monday, May 20, 2013

Fan of the flowers

We've been fortunate to have some really beautiful weather lately, and Lucy has been doing well with tolerating the breezes on our walks.  Lots of reassuring her that we have all of her machines ready to go, and that we can see her face.  She gets a bit anxious if the sun starts to go too far down, but we're working on that too.  She's a real fighter :)

While Lucy has always enjoyed walks, and being outside, this year she's really getting into the flowers we see - particularly the lovely flowering trees.  She likes to wait for us to tell her one is coming, so she can point her eyes skyward to catch a glimpse from underneath.  She likes to stop and smell them.  Bushes, too - lilacs are blooming right now, and she loves them!  We found a little sprig on the ground on one of our weekend walks, and picked it up for Lucy.

Just the right size for carrying along home.

The next day, a friend came by to drop off their golf registration for Links for Lucy, and brought Lucy a whole mason jar full of lilacs!  They're in her room now, perfuming the air.

Bedtime sniffs.

Lucy has decided for her Make-a-Wish that she'd like a backyard makeover, with a play structure adapted to her needs, and some flowering trees, shrubs, and plants.  We've told our wish granter, and had to tell her that we need to wait until our home addition is done.  It makes no sense to go forward with anything now, since we don't know exactly how much space will be taken by the house, and I'd like for the play structure to have direct access to a patio, for ease of use with Lucy's stroller.

We have slowed to a stop with our online fundraising.  We are blessed to have friends who are holding rummage sales, selling handmade items, and sharing the link.  I'm asking those who haven't shared the link to our donation site - please, share it and help us reach new people.  Lucy would be over the moon to have her own little paradise right in her backyard, and we can't use her Wish until our home is complete.  Help us make this happen for her.

Thank you to those who continue to share our link frequently, donate, register to golf, donate items, and pray for us to meet our goal.  We are so grateful to each and every one of you!