Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Good days for Lucy!

The last couple of days have been full of good things for our family!

Yesterday we had a visit from Matt Hall of Victory Renovations, who we were set up to meet with by Peyton Elsner's aunt, Tina Reddick of Unite 4 Peyton.  We are blessed to have been able to attend their fundraiser for the last two years.  Unite 4 Peyton is a wonderful organization that reaches out to help SMA families with the special needs they have that aren't covered by insurance (and believe me, there are plenty!) This wouldn't have happened without Tina, and we are so grateful to her!

We discussed what we need for Lucy's addition.  He talked to Lucy and I, peeked around our house, took lots of pictures, sketched down our layout, and left to take the information to the company's designer.  After he left, I realized that I hadn't gone into too much detail about what we are looking for in Lucy's room and bathroom - namely, storage (and lots of it!) for her medical supplies and machines.  I emailed him some pictures of what I was hoping for, with a message saying I hoped I wasn't being too forward.  Matt emailed me back, saying that those kinds of things were exactly what they needed from me.  He said that they were honored to be considered for this project, and that one day Lucy would be in the presence of God, and they could be blessed with knowing they helped me, Noah and Lucy enjoy our time here on Earth hopefully a little easier!  Yes, my eyes welled up a bit.  Obviously, this is the team meant to help us get Lucy what she needs.  Big thank you again to Tina, for putting us in contact with such wonderful people!  Now, to raise that money! :)

Today was a big day for Lucy; she visited her classroom for the very first time!  She has been Skyping with a wonderful EC class through the winter, and I was curious to see what the kids would think of her in person.  They only see her from the shoulders up, and beyond a little suctioning, have not been exposed to the full package that is Lucy.

Lucy was all ready to make a good impression.

We were admitted into the school, but weren't too sure where to go.  I noticed a child from Lucy's class walk in with his mom, so we followed them.  He was craning his neck to see Lucy, and I could tell he didn't recognize her.  He tapped on his mom and said, "Look!  A baby!" and his mother replied, "It's a little girl on a cart!" in a cheerful voice.  I just knew, after hearing that, this was going to be a good visit.  His mom recognized Lucy, and said she had seen her on Facebook - Lucy is a local celebrity ;)

The kids were a little shy around Lucy at first; she's quite a bit to take in, with all of her machines.  One of her biggest admirers was full of questions, about every machine and all of its functions.  None of them were scared.  Such a relief.  Lucy scanned the room while we were chatting, and said hi to each child as they came up to her stroller.

We got to do story time, and sing all of her favorite songs.

She was slightly more attentive when the story was live.  Slightly.

We stuck around for snack time.

Hand sanitizer for everyone!

Lucy even got a taste of what everyone else was having.

Pretty unsure about the peapods.  The citrus Hawaiian Punch was a much bigger hit.

We were so happy to be able to do this with Lucy, and she had fun too.  We're hoping to be able to do this a few more days this year, before summer is here!